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#   During the Presentation when featuring the Ban and Persecution in MALAWI , we will pause for 1 minute to allow sensitive viewers or those who may be emotionally vulnerable to MOVE AWAY FROM THEIR SCREENS. This is due to the graphic and nude content of the images.

#   This is entirely your Decision and we do not accept any responsibility for this decision.

#   We do not respond to any complaints or any anonymous letters/comments from anyone, including brothers and sisters and we will not enter into any correspondence regarding the content of this and future presentations.

#    The entire section on MALAWI , the Ban and the Persecution has come from Bethel and the images have been supplied by Bethel with approval of the District and Circuit Overseers involved  with this project.

#   The script and information shared have come from Bethel.

#   In no way is the Presenter denigrating the Black race or being racist as she is presenting factual information on black on black violence.

#   Please can you make a decision NOW before start of the Presentation.

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