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You will get the best wildlife encounters you can possibly get in Africa. Walk with lions. Walk with elephants. Very safe and controlled. Patting cheetahs. Getting close to Rhinos at Cradle Moon Lodge. There may be new babies who knows, at Ukutula. New baby hyenas, new anything. Who knows. Do not expect American Standards for hotels. Even 4 star resorts/ lodges have no phones in the rooms and no TV's in Cradle Moon Lodge. I love no TV and no phones. There is very little chance to ask for anything extra in the rooms. Eg. No small face towels . These are small things. Its a very busy tour. We asked her to allow more breaks. She will now.😂😂😂. This is the best trip I have ever had to Africa. Sophia's tour is super good. Its a fantastic tour. I would do it all over again. Ask her to remind you of the events for the day every day. No fridge at Cradle Moon Lodge. A fridge and microwave at Ukutula. You will never get hungry. You get plenty of food to eat. Its good food too. Only one meal was not good on the whole trip and they are changing that. In Africa things can change quickly eg. Electricity problems but these lodges have generators and solar so no problems there. You hear the lions roaring at night from their enclosures. They are never roaming free without their handlers. You will not be attacked by a lion. Just ask when you can walk outside the lodge to avoid the times that the lions walk with the keepers. Its fantastic.

Plenty of spiritual activities also. 2 Meetings. Bethel Visit and Hospitality by the brothers before one of the meetings. Possibilities for 1.5 hours witnessing on the Sunday if you want. These activities are great. Love Kristina🥰

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