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Dear Friends

Your patience in waiting for your 2024 Quotations for May or September Safari

are truly appreciated!

We had to wait until November 2023 for the release of the Prices for Lodges, Venues

and Activities 2024 valid until 31st October 2024 which we have now received.

In addition, my situation with my Health deteriorated as I developed DVT, Deep Vein

Thrombosis. Our Co-ordinator is taking me at 6am tomorrow into Hospital to receive Urgent

Emergency Treatment.

As soon as I am stabilised, given treatment and discharged then I will resume the issuing of Quotations for 2024.

My contact details remain the same..

Whats App +27 7675 7528

If you have any concerns please contact Val Tagg at

Wishing you all the Best!!


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1 Comment

Dec 05, 2023

Thanks for the update. I pray that all goes well for you with Jehovah’s help.

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